Airbnb demand in Western Australia

The purpose of this analysis on Airbnb demand was to explore the characteristics of Airbnb users in Western Australia (WA) compared to Airbnb non-users among the WA visitors, and to understand whether and how they differ from each other. Therefore, the prime focus of the analysis was set on identifying over- and under-presence of Airbnb users within specific visitor categories.

The “International Visitor Survey” (IVS) and the “National Visitors Survey” (NVS) by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) provided the data basis for the analysis of Airbnb demand and for identifying differentiators between Airbnb users and Airbnb non-users.

Data source: Tourism Research Australia 2015, 2016


Share of Airbnb users (international 2015)


Share of Airbnb users (international 2016, 3 quarters)


Share of Airbnb users (international holidaymakers 2015)


Share of Airbnb users (international holidaymakers 2016, 3 quarters)


Share of users of private accommodation websites (domestic 2015)


Share of users of private accommodation websites (domestic 2016, 3 quarters)

Concluding remarks on the analysis of Airbnb demand

Obtained results indicate that among international visitors to WA Airbnb users differ in several aspects from Airbnb non-users. Similar differences can been found between domestic overnight visitors who use private accommodation booking website and those who do not use them. Many of the found differences are consistent for both years of analysis, 2015 and 2016 (quarter 1 to quarter 3). Moreover, most differences can also be confirmed when focusing the analysis specifically on the subgroup of holidaymakers.

However, to understand which variables are key in differentiating Airbnb users from Airbnb non-users, it is necessary to simultaneously consider these variables in a multivariable analysis to control for potential overlapping and confounding effects. Therefore, an additional logistic regression for a balanced subset of the 2015 data for international WA visitors was carried out. The results of the logistic regression indicate that

  • visitors’ trip purpose,
  • source country,
  • travel party type,
  • trip activities, and
  • the spatial distribution of the booked accommodation(s)

are those variables that impact strongest on the probability of international WA visitors to use the Airbnb platform.